Neurofeedback is a way training the brain to function optimally. In neurofeedback, electrical brain activity is measured as waves, and is reflected back to the brain within milliseconds.  Just as we are likely to self-correct posture when walking by a store window, this reflection provides enough stimulus for the brain (and the central nervous system) to learn to self-regulate to a state that is preferable, and better functioning.  It is a gradual process that can have very specific outcomes in any measurable aspect of brain function.  

Neurofeedback can be useful for all kinds of dysregulation.

  • The anxiety-depression spectrum, specific anxieties, phobias

  • ADHD and behavior disorders such as impulsivity, or compulsivity,

  • Addiction,

  • Various sleep disorders,

  • Emotional disturbances, trauma, reactivity, PTSD, dissociation....

  • Weight loss, sugar cravings,

  • The emotional experience of pain,

It can also be useful for highly functioning people, who want to perform at their peak; perhaps they have a little test taking anxiety, or compulsive spending, and while things are good, they could be even better.

It can be useful for many other organic brain conditions as well.  While I don't directly address them in this practice, I am happy to offer referrals for issues such as seizure disorders, autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy...

I began looking at neurofeedback as a possible precursor for deep trauma EMDR work.  I thought it might be a way of easing the process.  I now believe that to be even more true than I thought previously.

Blog post on what to expect with neurofeedback.