Dear North Bay Community,

I hope you and your families are safe and well.  My thoughts and heart go out to those who have suffered losses due to these wildfires, and to those who are anxiously waiting to learn the status of their homes.  I feel incredibly grateful that my friends and family are safe, and would like to help those in our community who were not as fortunate.  I would also like to help those who have been working on the front lines protecting our communities.    

I plan to offer a two hour pro bono EMDR therapy session to those who have suffered trauma because of this fire.  I will be available for this work Sundays in Healdsburg, and Mondays in Berkeley, from now until March 2018.  My hope is to help as many people as I can, stabilize and ground in this moment of crisis, and begin to look toward next steps. 

For those of you who might not know what EMDR is, it can be a relatively short-term therapy, and was designed to desensitize trauma.  In this instance, I do believe that a single two-hour session can do a lot of good.  For more information about EMDR, I encourage you to take a deeper look at my website, I have at least 3 blog posts on the subject.

I will also provide additional outside referrals or supportive local resources.  Please feel free to pass on this message to anyone in our community who might benefit, and encourage them to call (510) 306-1574 to make an appointment.  

My best wishes are with you during this difficult time,