Getting in Touch

Please call or email to arrange a free phone consultation.

Choosing a therapist is a big decision.

Having a strong therapeutic relationship is very closely related to successful outcomes in therapy.  For this reason, our first phone conversation is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about my practice, my qualifications, my skill set... questions that will help you feel more comfortable in beginning our work together.  Much of our first session will be spent doing paperwork, getting to know each other, and discussing the structure of therapy, and costs.  

When I return your call, please know that for the present, my call will come from a blocked number.


When emailing, please include your phone number, and a few good times to call you.  During our initial call, I would like some time to talk a bit about what brings you to therapy, as well as answer any questions you may have.

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Download Intake Paperwork

For your privacy, please do not email me the completed forms; email is not considered a confidential, or HIPAA compliant, means of communication.  Rather, print them, fill them out at your leisure, and bring them to our first session.  Please note, the intake form is quite long, but it provides me with valuable information that will enrich our work together, and save you money by helping our first session be more productive.  If any part of the intake form is triggering to you, or makes you feel overly-exposed, you can skip it, and we can talk about it in person, or wait for it to come up naturally in session once a sense of trust and safety has been built.

Adult Intake Form

Child Intake Form

Consent to Text / Email


Informed Consent / Office Policies Form

Informed Consent Neurofeedback Form

Optional Paperwork

Disclosure Authorization 

Safety Plan

Symptom Tracking Self Assessment